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White as snow colored by stolenwings White as snow colored by stolenwings
I was bored, so I colored my earlier Snow White sketch. Does it look better now? I don't know...I've looked at it so long I'll go blind. Well I wish my hair looked like that, really.

Thank you for the stock textures, they saved my day! Heart
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Vyle-Moments Featured By Owner May 24, 2008
This is amazing!
OmgItsEmily Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2008
Very pretty and dark...I love the way you used the scrawly lines!
Angel2012 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2007
I love her DRESS :heart: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ReddWillow Featured By Owner May 5, 2007
Good work! :floating:
Neopong13 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love it they should of had snow white look like her in the movie.
nothingunusual Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2006
Pretty! Very nice style. :heart: :+fav:
fizzmatazz Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2006
i think its really cute, but yet disturbing for some reason...
kurios Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Creepy : )

Very pretty. That dress is beautiful and reminds me of some shells I've seen. Something so dark yet colorful is great : )
ararothea Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist

It looks a lot like a cloth doll I'm currently working on making.


I'll even show you when it's done.

If I'm not lazy.

Great job. The colours are wonderous.
Ahcri-Slate Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2005
Wow, that's gorgeous.
xteapot Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
i simply adore it.
sc3L Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
wow!! very nice sketch:thumbsup:
JemGenesis Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
Love the colors on the dress!!! :+favlove:
witchyflickchick Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2003   Writer
Great colors on the dress. Very interesting emotion in this.
tripleeight Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2003
this is really nice.. but I think I like the white one better.. it's so.... simple and.. oh I dunno..

both are really good :) (Smile)
missmisery Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2003
This is an absolutely gorgeous drawing, she is like a precious doll. Great work
angel-o-death Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2003
nice colouration..... like the eyes Crazy Clap
unrealreality18 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003
man.. in real life those eyes would be creepy as hell.. but they're gorgeous on there!
afp3683 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003
great stuff.
traerene Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2003
gorgeous work as always!!! :D (Big Grin)
chaoticparadox Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2003   Photographer
sooo adorable.... what yo do with pencils alone is so amazing :) (Smile)
and the textures rock too.. I love her pakle skin and her hair/makeup is awsome too Heart
deathscythe02 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2003
i lioke how the hair turned out :) (Smile)
aeternitas Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The dress pastels are outstanding.
noctambula Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2003

i just added you to my dwatch yesterday, so i could check your gallery and dont forget to do it,
so i just came in
and i loved it all

i could fav all of it, but i cant do that
:s so im faving this---

i love your dark-innocen-fairiness style

kriegs Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
I totally love your style and your take on a classic story here
Great character design as always, and I especially love the coloring

(btw, I've featured your site on [link], just love your style!)
nebelkriegerin Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003
After seeing the non-reanimated sketch, I may say: you're bloody talented lass. Love the way you draw your works.unique.
visioluxus Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2003
beautiful! You should illustrate a children's book - it would be a collector's piece
wyrm-sign Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2003
I think the two different versions stand apart as separate works, not an improvement on one. They are both equally great works, in concerns to this piece I would like to mention the porcelain doll motif again. It is such an excellent image and implies many ideas on fragility and life-like things that are not alive. The wispy feel of the lines is preserved and adds to the ephemerality of the work. The choice of neutral natural colours was the right way to go for this individual work, but I'm glad you left the two versions up, they each deserve their own place as a separate work. Back to the colouring, it creates a very interesting feel of movement and apparition, almost dissolving the figure into the colours of the background and clothing, except for the rich pools of that snowy white skin. Excellent work again.
kinkyclown Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Ik like the coloured ones better than the black and white scetches. They are also very nice. You really have a unique way of drawing... very lovely.
n05feratu Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow.. great draw as all from you.. :D (Big Grin)
ceryndipity Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003
i love the eyes, so intense and strong.... nice nice work
vespera Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003  Hobbyist Writer
I love the eyes
faer Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
the apple is still very apple-y looking and I love the colours on the dress...weird hair though.
livedead Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
Looks nice. Took your time and colored this.
Dress looks alive.*swat*I still want the apple.
=) (Smile)
giyvin Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
I miss the blue inking, but thois is a wonderful turn out
Alicia-Hannah Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
Oh how beautiful! I love those colors.. this is loooovely Love
sciphex Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
nice, turned out very good :D (Big Grin)
memmin Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
She's sooooo cuuute! I really do love your linework! The colors in her dress are just... awesome! Wonderful wonderful stuff! Pretty! Love! :D (Big Grin)
brokendoll Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003   Interface Designer
oooh... elina!! this is so great!! i really loved the sketch but this surpasses it completely!! the colors in the dress are wonderful and i like her hair!! so wild... :D (Big Grin) this is definitely one of my favourite pieces of yours so far! Clap
lady-athanasia Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
Very pretty. I like the effect you used on her dress. It's nice. I think your drawings are incredible!
zenon Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
Great work as usual. Love the color, especially the apple.
morgana-stock Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
lovely piece one time more :D (Big Grin)
dholms Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
god, i love your linework.
the colors are excellant as well.
i think i like the rougher, more
textural parts more than the blurred
though. still beautiful.
that head is perfect! as well as the
hand holding the apple and the delicate
butterfly at the top.
and i love it when artists 'suck it up'
and take things the distance,...meaning
the background, border and text.
excellant embellishment. you definately
didn't give up on it at the finish line.
great work.

ps i'm thinking of doing a drawing/painting
of a glen friedman photo somewhat like this,...
been checking out some ashley wood lately,...
i was first turned on to her by another deviant,
and then i saw some work of her's on a site that
you were associated with. heh. sorry for the ramble.
neosynthetic Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
hehe you mean your hair *doesn't* look like that?
not from what you've shown me ;) (Wink)
Laughing my ass off! Giggle

interesting approach on the dress, it almost looks like it's displacing..
like some sort of magick or something, whirling with colours..
nice to see the end piece Nod
gj hun
susurro Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
of course it looks wonderful! :) (Smile)
romakitty Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
that is a really cool picture...i love the coloring
akhrod Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
azarath Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, i gotta get my hands on textures like that,tey look wonderful! Great job!!
blueyog Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really beautiful, especially her dress !! :) (Smile)
crazinessisay Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2003
great picture
i really like the contrast of the red on the face, and the sketchy feel of the picture
wonderful job
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